By Nathanas Trismegistus

Blasphamagoatachrist – Bastardizing the Purity; released March 27, 2020 (yeah, I’m really late on this one and will be late on the next couple of reviews, too, as I’ve been regrettably indisposed) by Nuclear War Now! Productions. It is the debut “full-length” (disputable as it doesn’t even manage to reach 30 minutes) of said war metal super-group. They released a demo in 2018, “Black Metal Warfare”, which was met with mixed reception. Will this album be viewed more favorably? If anyone actually listens to it, ultimately, I think it will.

I describe Blasphamagoatachrist as a “super-group” in the same way I would Death Worship. It consists of the legendary vocalist of Blasphemy, Nocturnal Grave Desecrator; two members (the bassist and guitarist) of Brazilian powerhouse, Goatpenis (still waiting on that new album, guys); and the drummer of Antichrist (a band I had never heard of previously). Since we’re unlikely to see a new Blasphemy album (the band seems quite content with incessantly touring a single set with their one good album, Fallen Angel of Doom…, until they either retire or one of them dies) or a new Conqueror album (obviously, Revenge is their unofficial spiritual successor and you should keep an eye out for my review of their propitious, forthcoming album), these “super-group” collaboration bands and their satisfactory-to-mediocre output are, inarguably, the closest you’ll ever get.

There is enough diversity in the drums to call it “diverse”. It’s not spectacular. The bass does its job in emphasizing the guitars and cohering them with the drumbeats. The guitarwork on this album, however, is simultaneously more grindy and melodic, especially when compared to the demo. This indicates, to me, a predominance of the Goatpenis influence this time around, which is suitable considering they comprise half of the band. I don’t know if one or more of the other bandmembers was holding them back, I don’t know if there was some kind of disagreement in the artistic direction of the band, but the shift in style, focus, and musical approach between the demo and Bastardizing the Purity are very evident. Perhaps a compromise was made.

Nevertheless, I did read the DMU scathing review of Blasphamagoatachrist’s demo, but I didn’t think it was that bad. I wouldn’t have been that harsh. I liked it enough to buy it. It was knuckle-draggingly, troglodytic in its composition and caveman-style riffage. There’s a distinct lack of (or, at least, restraint and appropriate dispersion with) cacophonous clamor and obnoxious squeals this time around. But that style of music has its place and purpose. And, one might argue, that it was closer to the tone and style of Blasphemy. But, I agree, with regards to their review of this new album, that this is definitely a step in the right direction.

There isn’t much to say about the production quality. It’s raw, yet perfectly audible. Everything sounds real and honest. Nothing sounds too “perfect”. It’s about what you’d expect from this breed of metal.

I really hope these types of collaborative “super-group” bands aren’t expecting to can coast by on nostalgia and pedigree alone. Because they can’t. It might be immediately profitable, but, in the long run, people – even longtime, diehard fans – will get sick of it. Bastardizing the Purity is definitely worth a listen, especially if you’re a fan of Blasphemy and Goatpenis’ brand of war metal. It’s quite brisk (the longest song is only 3:21 long), so you won’t be wasting much of your time. It was at least superior to the latest Death Worship release, but that’s not saying much. Blasphamagoatachrist certainly suffers from a lack of J. Read drumming, but, in a way, so does Death Worship. Recommended, but not essential.

Listen/buy here:

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